Company Overview

Long-Term Investment Approach

Dollinger Properties has taken a long-term investment approach to property development, buying and renovating existing buildings, constructing new properties, and maintaining ownership of assets. Today, we are the largest landlord of multi-tenant space in the Silicon Valley. Unlike most developers in the area, Dollinger Properties takes a hands-on approach by combining development, construction, leasing and property management services within a single organization. Our portfolio of premier R&D/Industrial Flex and Retail properties reflects our management skills and three generations of experience.

Who We Are
Family Business Spanning Three Generations

Dollinger Properties represents three generations and 60 years of knowledge and experience in property development. The family firm was originally founded by Mel Dollinger in 1946 as a residential builder. In 1964, Michael Dollinger joined the company and directed the development toward industrial properties under the name of Franciscan Builders, Inc. In 1987, David B. Dollinger added retail development to the range of operations. The firm has developed retail and industrial projects in Northern and Southern California and Arizona. The firm and its principals are the general partners of numerous partnerships that develop and own properties in California and Arizona. The Dollingers own DPM Property Management Inc. DPM Property Management, Inc. has been providing premier commercial construction and development services for new shell buildings, tenant improvements, renovations, and rehabilitation projects since 1989. DPM Property Management, Inc. manages all of our properties with the help of our maintenance team.

" The family firm was originally founded by Mel Dollinger in 1946 as a residential builder"